Questions to Ask at the End of the Interview

Louise points to an article about questions candidates should ask at the end of the interview and follows up with her own, Questions to Ask at the End of the Interview:

A year from now, how will you evaluate if I have been successful in this position?”

Louise goes on to explain why she likes candidates to ask questions at the end of the interview.

Update Nov 28: I actually linked to Louise's article. Sorry for the oversight yesterday, and thank you, Walter, for asking me.

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  1. I mentioned the questions to Heather (particularly since she just went through the job interview thing, and I’m going to be having my first real interview in a little over a week) and she told me about 2 others she’s either used or was inspired to think of by the list (not sure which it was):
    Both are for the situation where the person who will be your manager is the one interviewing you.
    * What are the characteristics of employees you’ve worked with in the past that you’ve considered valuable? (Helpful in case the position you’re interviewing for is new or they haven’t yet had a successful person in it, so asking about the previous job holder may not give you relevant information)
    * What are the immediate challenges that you [the manager doing the interview] are going to face in the next 3 months? Are there ways that someone in the position you’re hiring for could help address those challenges?
    [Is it worthwhile to ask about the challenges one more level up or is that pushing things too far?]
    I might also change or supplement the “where have successful employees progressed to?” question to include opportunities outside the company. It seems to me if everyone who has performed the job successfully has been recruited to another (higher) job elsewhere, that would be interesting to know, as well. (Not to mention that having the manager know where people no longer with the company are may also be a good sign…)

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