Interviewing Ability May Help Your Career

I’ve been in email contact with Pradeep Soundararajan for a few months now. He was recently at a conference in Toronto, and has posted his The (bad) state of software testing interviews in India, which includes a pdf of a talk he gave about interviewing. He has several wonderful ideas, including:

  • Candidate and interview myths
  • Frequently asked (horrible) questions
  • Today’s candidates are tomorrow’s interviewers
  • Organizations suffer with bad resources because they don’t know how to ask for good resources.

I wish I’d been there. I bet this was a great talk! I don’t think Pradeep had heard of my book until that conference, so he did buy one while he was there. I’m sure we will keep up our email conversation.

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  1. Johanna,

    I had heard of your book but unfortunately the online ordering mechanisms at least to me hasn’t been reliable, ( from the place where I am ) for me and my colleagues were made to wait unreasonable time to get a book.

    At Toronto, when I saw your book, I grabbed a copy before it got out of stock. From what I have read, it is going to be an important book for me.

    There are several people’s influence whom I’d like to have for bettering myself and your influence is one such valuable thing to me.

    The talk I gave at CAST was “Findings about recognition” and this talk was presented at Bangalore for a bunch of people who were struggling with interviews.

    Your writing and work is definitely influential and not having your influence, costs 🙂

    I hope your trip to India materializes or I get an opportunity to sit through your class.

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