Questions From the Debates

I've got election fever, I admit it. In the VP debate last week, the moderator asked a useless question: “What  is your achilles heel?” (I'm probably paraphrasing the question.) Both candidates treated it as the weakness question, and didn't answer the question. They each turned the question around to their strengths. What a surprise (not!).

But in the presidential debate last night, one of the questions was (I'm paraphrasing again): “How do you know what you don't know and how will you learn it?” Ok, it's a hypothetical question, not something I would use in a town meeting setting, but was a great opening for the candidates.

If you're hiring a senior person, this is a good question. It can help you see the difference between general arrogance (“I know everything”) and a smart person who's introspective enough to learn from past behavior.

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