How to Describe Product Knowledge and Customer Knowledge

I’ve been working on an article for about a year now, trying to discuss how to decisions about which kinds of testers to hire when. The only good thing about working on an article that long is that I’m finally learning how to describe what I mean (I think).

I’d like your feedback on these terms:

Solution-space knowledge: The knowledge that arises from the person’s ability to understand the product, maybe by looking at the code, maybe by understanding the architecture and design. Example: testers who can read code or who understand how to test different architectures. If testing a payroll system, testers who understand when data structures change, and how to test for those changes, or that the payroll needs to complete in a certain amount of time, and stress the system to test for the time.

Problem-space knowledge: The knowledge of an expert user of this system, or one similar to it. Example: testers who know how the system should work. If testing an ultrasound system, are radiologists, so they can verify the software’s interpretations of the results.

Do these terms make sense to you?

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