Continuous Recruiting

I’ve been traveling virtually all of March. (You can probably tell, eh?) I’m leaving Albuquerque today and spoke with some folks from Chili’s, the restaurant chain.They’re opening a new restaurant in this area, and are hiring over 100 people. I asked about turnover and they said that yes, they do have a fair amount of turnover and therefore they do continuous recruiting.

Continuous recruiting is the ongoing job analysis, sourcing, interviewing and eventual hiring of people. What’s key is to continue to update the job analysis, to keep looking for people in a variety of places, and to update your interviewing questions and auditions.

I don’t know of too many technical organizations that are doing continuous recruiting right now. But some organizations are in constant growth mode, and those of you who work in those places know that though you may be spending a ton of time on recruiting, hiring great people is worth it. Continuous recruiting can help you keep the pipeline full of great people.

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  1. The problem isn’t so much finding people as finding the right fit. Some people will have the skills but not the maturity or flexibility to help your organization get to where it needs to go. Read my column “IT Hiring Rife With Challenges”

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