Networking Traps and Tips Slides Posted

I gave a webinar this past week to the BU Career Connection. We had a great turnout. I have posted my slides: Eight Traps (and Tips) of Networking When Job Searching.

MYJS_border.150The slides are based on Manage Your Job Search. Since I published the book and have given talks about it, I have discovered more traps.

I hope you enjoy the slides.

2 thoughts on “Networking Traps and Tips Slides Posted”

    1. HI Ken, glad you like the slides.

      I do not know of a comprehensive calendar. I know of these Boston-area groups: PMI (Boston and central MA chapters are both a reasonable drive), IEEE has a number of meetings, Agile New England and Agile Boston, SQGNE, and SPIN. Those are the non-user groups. I think there is also a Java user group, and I suspect there are more tools/languages/technology groups. There is the MIT roundtable and a CTO forum (groups by organizational position).

      In other places, there is a meetup list.

      At one point, someone sent me email about a comprehensive Boston calendar, but I don’t remember seeing any more emails lately.

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