Selecting Sourcing Support

I was reading Alan's blog and came across this gem, Progressive Recruitment. Computers are good for lots of things, and mindless searching is certainly one. But mindless searching isn't sufficient when sourcing candidates.If you're looking for sourcing support, ask questions and check references. (OK, I'm a broken record:-) Here are some possible questions:

  • How do you determine the search criteria for your sourcing? (You want someone who'll work with you and who understands what your needs are.)
  • What kinds of databases do you have access to? (There are several databases of people around, and you want someone who knows about them.)
  • What kinds of sorting do you perform on candidates?
  • Do you ever send soliciting emails with my company's name in it?
  • What kinds of guarantee do you give with your rates?
  • May I have some references of people who've used your service recently?

When you check references, ask about the job the service sourced (so you can compare it to your position), how it was to work with the service, how long it took to acquire names of people who were potential candidates, and how many candidates the service supplied. I also ask if the reference plans to use that service again.

Sourcing may be the first introduction potential candidates have to your company. Make sure that first contact is a positive one.

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