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I decided to start a new series, interviewing recruiters. It’s not clear to me that either my hiring manager colleagues or candidate colleagues are using recruiters as well as they could be. Here’s the first interview with Dave Freireich, one of the authors of Getting the Job. I loved his An interview is a blind date. Don’t screw it up.

JR: Please tell my readers a little about you. How long have you been in the recruiting field?
Dave: 9 or more years, at least 5 or 6 focused solely on delivering great software engineering talent to companies on the frontier of software development.

JR: Do you have any specialties?
Dave: Yes. Very passionate, energetic, quirky, extraordinarily skilled software developers. We introduce them to the companies that make them happy. Win win.

JR: What do you think hiring managers should know about recruiters?
Dave: I wish hiring managers knew how difficult it makes our jobs (as external recruiters) when they try to make us work only through internal/corporate recruiters. It’s not possible for us to do a great job unless we interface with the team we are recruiting for as well.

JR: What do you think candidates should know about recruiters?
Dave:I think they should learn how to QUALIFY recruiters. We have a lot of information on our blog about this. I talk to a lot of candidates who I could have gotten a job at one of our clients that failed because they were submitted by another recruiter who didn’t help them prepare to do well in the interview.

JR: What do you think internal recruiters should know about external recruiters?
Dave:We are not the enemy. We are a part of the team. We may have some things to teach you. You may have some things to teach us. Together we’ll make the team win.

JR: How has blogging made a difference in your ability to attract clients and candidates?
Dave: Blogging helps solidify their comfort with us. We hold ourselves to a much higher standard than ordinary recruiters. The blog is the place where we talk about how and why we do that. I am able to get responses from candidates when I send them an email whereas 95% of my competition would not. The candidates check our corporate page and blog and can assess that I have been in the business for a while and know what I’m talking about.
JR: What kinds of differences are you noticing about high tech candidates compared to the candidates of 3-5 years ago and 6-10 years ago?
Dave: I don’t see a lot of difference in the candidates. They are always bright, energetic, concerned people who have an interest in bettering themselves and the companies they work for. Each one is totally individual and in a unique situation but they all have the same needs-growing.

Dave’s bio: Dave Freireich started Core Search Group, the company that has this mission:
“Bridge the divide between proven software engineering talent and the companies on the frontier of software development.”

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