Remarkable: A Little About Marketing


Seth Godin is one sharp fella. He's just published a new ebook, BullMarket: Companies That Can Help You Make Something Happen. I'm thrilled to be part of the Seth's “unscientific listing blogs” section, along with Hal Macomber and Clarke Ching.

I'm flattered to be part of BullMarket. And I recommend you read Free Prize Inside. Hal's take is here. Why? Free Prize Inside is about each of us making the step towards remarkability. (My word, not Godin's.) One of Seth's points is that “Soft Innovation is Innovation Anyone Can Do” — techniques for doing your job better. What I write about are practices that have worked for me, and may work for you.

Godin is a marketing genius. By putting us in his ebook, there was a good chance we'd mention the book about marketing: Free Prize Inside. I do think you should read Free Prize Inside. He has a ton of great ideas, ideas that will help you think of ways to become remarkable yourself — edgecraft. (I read it straight through one night last week.) Godin's message: think of your edges, those things that differentiate you from other people in similar businesses. In requirements terms, edges are the attributes of the system, the ways in which the system fulfills requirements you didn't know you had.

I try to have these edges here:

  • Practical techniques: common sense ideas about managing people, projects, and risk.
  • Techniques you can use no matter where you are in the organization
  • Humor, anecdotes, stories, and some data about how to see these techniques
  • An alphabetical archive listing (with date of posting) so it's possible for you to browse by date and title
  • I try to write well. When I don't I ask for help. And, I write well enough that when I write badly, you, my readers, help me by asking questions so I can clarify what I tried to say in the first place.

You may see edges I don't because I'm too close to my blogs.

Over 250 of you have subscribed through bloglet, and a bunch more of you read this blog through newsreaders. I'm glad you've found this blog worth your while. And, let me pose the question that matters when it comes to marketing yourself, whether you're marketing yourself from inside an organization or from the outside: What have you done to become remarkable today?

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