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Take a look at these links:

1. Tricks of the Trade, thanks to Dave Liebriech. When I was a tester, I read the code (this tip is far down on the list.) I’m not sure the developers appreciated my questions, but if I didn’t understand something, I asked.

Here’s a tip I learned for people who need to facilitate meetings:

Always take blue painter’s tape to a meeting. You can use it to hang flip charts on any wall, or to organize index cards or stickies together, without fear that the adhesive will stick to the walls. You have to be more careful with paper, but the glue on the back of painter’s tape is less sticky than other tape.

2. Outsourcing? Consider the Source. I was a “quacko” (tester) with Tom Parmenter a long time ago. I vividly remember telling one manager or team that they could choose to release software that couldn’t be installed, but I wasn’t going to sit on the phones explaining the magic required to make the install work. We used an incremental/iterative lifecycle, organized as phase-gates. It worked (unless someone tried to finesse the exit criteria for a phase), but only in our culture. Culture matters, as well as process if you’re going to consider outsourcing.

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