Source Control How-Tos


Eric Sink is writing a series on source control how-tos (also known as software configuration management). If you’re a project manager or functional manager and you don’t know enough about source control, read them. Heck, even if you do know about SCM, read them. Yes, Eric works for a vendor, so his examples are vendor-specific. It doesn’t matter. I don’t know his tool and still understood the examples. BTW, when I teach project management, I introduce SCM as the technical piece of the project that can save your project from complete disaster.

Here’s what I think you need to know as a PM: branching, labeling, and the ability to use a multi-level checkin scheme, so you don’t break the builds but can make progress concurrently in different parts of the project. The more you know, the better, but knowing how to do these has helped me take reasonable risks to move projects forward.

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