Clairvoyance and Pair-Work


I'm working with Esther this week on the book. We're editing (and continuing to pair-write and pair-edit). Today, one of the things we addressed were the comments dealing with the people we name in the book. We hadn't done a good job drawing our readers in to care about the people. So we're fixing that. One technique we're using is to fill out a character sheet about each character.

I already had a picture in my head for each character. Esther may have, and her picture is different from mine. At one point today, I joked, “Can't you just read my mind?” Esther replied (with a straight face), “No, your skull is too thick.”

Well, we lost about 5 minutes of work with that. I was almost rolling on the floor. Esther laughed almost as hard as I did.

Even when pairing, people can't know what the other person is thinking. You can be headed in the same direction, but still veer off. And that's ok. We don't have to be clairvoyant to be effective working with each other. And I still think that pairs who laugh together are very effective.

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