Positive Results With One-on-ones


Via Keith’s A Few Good Posts by Ed Gibbs, I read Better Feedback Loops With One on Ones. Sounds like one-on-ones are helping Ed and his team.

Last week, I had dinner with a manager (also using Scrum) who has had great results with one-on-ones. It’s always nice to hear positive news about a technique that has brought me great results.

But I’m having a conversation with a manager who’s not having great results with one-on-ones. If I can understand more about why, I’ll post those problems and what happened. Could take a while.

For information on one-on-ones, see Use One-on-One Meetings to See People’s State. Esther and I are planning a workshop the week of July 10, 2006 to help managers learn how to do one-on-ones and other techniques. Stay tuned for real information in a week or so.

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