2 Replies to “Creating a Partnership Between the PM and the Architect”

  1. Hello Esther. I like your conclusions here, but I’d push farther. The architect doesn’t actually develop the software, right? And according to this narrative, he doesn’t want to be held accountable to time, schedule, or cost, right?
    In that case, I have to ask – What does the architect _do_? What is he (she) responsible for? How is that measured?
    My cousin is an architect – he has a degree in architecture, and, like, he designs buildings and stuff. Me, I spend three years in McGraw-Hills construction information group. My conclusion from all that is simple: A lot of what passes for software architecture today is just people who want to be highly compensated and not have much responsibility.
    Not, all, just a lot. So when I hear stories like that one, I’m, well, not surprised.

  2. oh, and I’m a complete fool, and you are Johanna and not Esther, and we allready had this conversation last march. My mistake. Tabbed browsing is killing me …

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