Aha Moments

I'm still catching up on posting links where either I or other people had aha moments:

TMI's One-on-Ones discusses a bunch of things about one-on-ones, something Esther and I have been talking about forever (as well as in Behind Closed Doors.)

David Carlton explains how he adapted one-on-ones. (For the record, I love it when people say they adapt my suggestions to make it fit for them. I caught up with David earlier this month when I was at SD West, and he explained in person how he'd adapted them. I was thrilled then and thrilled now.)

Arnon talks about sticky planning vs project scheduling tools in Sticky notes vs. the computer. I have to admit, I don't think I've ever explicitly said,  that sticky notes provide you “constant visibility.” (Arnon's quote.) I wish I had. Maybe in the next edition of Manage It! 🙂

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