Learning From My Coaching Tutorial

Last week, at SD West, I led a 3-hour coaching tutorial. I got lucky. Dave Nicolette and Mike Vizdos participated. (I love it when my peers join me in a tutorial!)

Dave reminded us that “explaining with examples” are a great way to coach. You take a recent example of some occurrence that strikes you as similar, and explain it to the coachee. I had forgotten to add that to my list of possible coaching approaches, but it's on my list now!

Mike told me later that he and I teach similarly: we give enough intro to get started, and have people practice with feedback.

Not only did the coaching participants learn from the tutorial, so did I. What fun!

P.S. In case you're wondering, I use Education Games and Simulations in all my tutorials and workshops. Sometimes, I can do a simulation in a 90-minute class, but that's harder.

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