Appreciations from Japan Trip

I had a great time in Japan last week with Esther. On the flight home, we started plotting our next book!

@kaztak_en, Thank you for your invitation to see your team. It looks and sounds as if you are on your agile way.

@kdmsnr, Thank you for your gracious hosting on Tuesday. You were even patient during our shopping!

@yattom, Thank you for your additional translation/interpretation with Kenji, and for picking me up off the ground. (No lasting effects, I am happy to report.)

@hiranabe, Thank you for your speedy arrangement of our talks at the mini conference last week. I'm glad you finally returned home, although it was the next day.

I met so many gracious people. I had a great time. If you want to see my slides from my talk at the mini conference, they are posted at

I am sure I forgot some people in my appreciations. Please forgive me. I had a fabulous time.

(To my friends who know how much I love sashimi, no I did not have any sashimi this time, which disappointed me. Esther is allergic to fish and seafood, so we ate other food. I'll have to return at some point and eat sashimi!)

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