Upcoming Webinar on Project Portfolio Management

I’m doing a webinar with Rally on March 7. It’s about selecting the Number One project in your project portfolio. Please join me and Isaac Montgomery, who will attempt to rein me in (ha!) for What’s the Number One Project in Your Project Portfolio? on March 7.

Here’s an excerpt from the description:

You have plenty of potential #1 projects in your project portfolio. How can you choose among them to decide? Maybe you are comparing projects that are like comparing apples, frogs, and trains—projects that are so dissimilar you don’t even know how to start comparing them.

Not all projects are created equal. The first thing is to separate your projects to see if they are potentially transformative, normal growth, or keep-the-lights-on projects. Then we can use the power of agile to provide empirical data, so we don’t have to predict anything.

However, we do have to collaborate, to do what is best for the organization. Project portfolio management is about optimizing for the organization and making decisions for now, not forever.

In this webinar, Johanna will discuss how to use project portfolio management to inspect and adapt without having the data up front, and how to collaborate across the organization. Because project portfolio management is about your organization winning, not your project.

I’ll be speaking twice, at 10am Eastern, which makes it reasonable for Europe and quite early for your west-coasters and at 4pm Eastern, which is lovely for the west-coasters and beyond and crazy for the Europeans. So, I think we can catch just about anyone who wants to understand how you can think about helping the organization win.

Please do register and join us for what promises to be a lively discussion.


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