Announcing Influential Agile Leader, 2.0, June 7-8, 2018

Gil Broza and I are thrilled to announce the updated version of our flagship workshop, the Influential Agile Leader.

If you have these kinds of challenges:

  • Your business can't “stop” to recreate itself as an agile organization. You need to continue and to nurture the cultural changes necessary for a successful agile transformation.
  • You don't buy the quick fix or the supposed “best” practices and frameworks. Your organization is unique; the easy fixes aren't enough.
  • You want to build allies across the organization to create effective change. That will help everyone avoid bounce-back to non-agile approaches. Cultural change is a key to your success.
  • Even with “pockets” of agile success, your organization’s agile transformation is progressing slowly, haphazardly, or not at all.

Then do join us. We can help you see your big picture of your agile journey, identify your allies across the organization, and create options for your success.

I've said many times in this blog and in my books that agile is a cultural change. Join us at the Influential Agile Leader and prepare and practice for that cultural change.

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