Updated Distributed Agile Teams Book Available

You might remember I'm working on a book with Mark Kilby. It's From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams: Collaborate to Deliver.

We just published a new version of the book. We rearranged the entire book.

In this version, we added a chapter called “Avoid Chaos with Insufficient Hours of Overlap.” That one chapter might be all you need to create a successful distributed agile team.

If you don't mind reading books in progress, check out the book.

You can tell the book is in progress. For example, we win the prize for longest subheading and aside/sidebar headings. Yes, we'll fix those eventually. Just not now.

And, if you'll be at Agile 2018, we will pair-deliver You Have to Say More There, an experience report. In addition, Mark will lead an interactive session about the book, Agile Distributed Teams: Oxymoron or Option?

If you're trying to help your geographically distributed agile team, check out the book. Even in development, it's worth your while to read.

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