First of Three Modern Management Books Available

I'm in the midst of collecting the management myths into three books. The series is currently titled “Make Modern Management Easy”. The first book is Practical Ways to Manage Yourself.

I was thinking of starting with managing the organization issues. The way organization attempt to “manage performance” and do/do not manage the project portfolio has such an effect on how people can manage.

But, here's the kicker.

If you can't manage yourself, should you even consider managing other people? Probably not.

That's why I started here. I don't even have a cover yet. No editing. If you don't like to read books in progress, don't buy this book.

However, if you'd like to see how to manage yourself:

  • Recognize and avoid micromanagement
  • See when to delegate and how
  • See the myth of the indispensable employee and what else to do

And you like reading books in progress, yes, please do get this book.

I'm planning on releasing the books as a set of three: manage yourself (this one), manage others, and manage the organization. And, yes, I have no idea if this is the real title. I'm stressing my writing perfection rules, but I would like more feedback sooner.

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