Want to Work With Me to Start Your Consulting Practice?

I'm conducting a Hudson Bay Start for a new offering: a Consulting Workshop.

What do I mean?

Several people have asked me for help in creating or sustaining their consulting practices. Since I've done that for 25 years, I know what works for me. I know the strategies behind how I work. We can translate those strategies into tactics that will work for you.

Do I want to offer this? Yes. Do I have a book in progress? Yes. (You are so surprised.) (Will you get an early version of the book? Of course.)

The Hudson Bay start is a way for me to see if this is an offering I want to offer on a regular basis. I'll do this full project with this cohort and then re-assess.

A couple of the people who thought they were interested are no longer ready to start. I'm looking for up to three people to join this cohort.

Will I offer this again? It depends.

This is a 3-6 month effort. We will work together on a regular basis (weekly to start). We will be accountable to each other.

Will the content change? I'm sure it will. However, I don't expect the outcomes to change. You will create a business that works for you.

Please note the criteria:

  1. You are willing to start/restart an email list.
  2. You are willing to (re)create your web site where you own your own domain.
  3. You want to be independent, not be a subcontractor or use a headhunter to get business. (You might start that way. You don't want to stay that way.)

If you're interested, please email me.

Update: The workshop is full. Let me know if you would like me to add you to a “next time” list.

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