Collection of My Rapidly Remote and Managing in Uncertainty Writing

I wrote a number of posts and newsletters over the past few weeks to help you see alternatives in this age of uncertainty.

I hope you use these ideas to generate other ideas or ask more questions and create more experiments.

The posts on this blog:

I also wrote a series about Team Resilience. I urge you to work as a team (feature team, management team, any kind of a team) as you can, instead of working alone.

Mark Kilby and I were guests on several podcasts during this time: Podcasts About Remote Teams

My  newsletters:

BTW, if you think you subscribe to the Pragmatic Manager and you didn't receive these posts, “something is wrong.” Please check your various mailboxes or your IT rules or let me know. I use ConvertKit to deliver emails and several of my subscribers do not receive the newsletters. If you are one of these people, email me and we can debug it.

Posts on the Create an Adaptable Life site:

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Mark Kilby and I created a no-cost self-study class called Rapidly Remote.

I'll continue to update this summary post as I write more.

(Question: Would you like me to collect these in a small book? Would that be useful to you?)

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