Learn to Free Your Inner Writer to Write More, Faster, & Easier

Would you like to write more—and faster? Would you like to build some ease into how you write now?

If you have these problems or worries:

  • It takes you forever to finish a piece.
  • You wonder if you have anything useful to write about.
  • You fear you might have writer's block.

First, you're normal. Second, you can overcome these problems (and more) in my writing workshop, Free Your Inner Writer: Sell Your Non-Fiction Ideas.

Through a combination of self-study and cohort-based debriefs, you'll learn how to:

  • Create a writing system that works for you.
  • Structure a persuasive article or blog post (or a newsletter) so people can easily consume your ideas.
  • Finish writing before you start editing.
  • Decide where you might publish, aside from your own site.
  • And more

You'll watch the videos and do the homework on your own. Once a week, we have a cohort-based debrief. I read and comment on your homework.

Your cohort will have a private Slack channel inside my writing Slack. You'll also have the possibility of interacting with other writers in the other Slack channels. (You don't have to interact outside of the cohort. Your choice.)

You can write more, faster and easier. I'll share all my writing secrets with you. As you learn, you'll adapt what I share and make it your own. You will choose how you write more, faster, and easier.

Interested? Register at Free Your Inner Writer: Sell Your Non-Fiction Ideas. Have questions? Contact me.

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