Write and Publish More with the May 2022 Write Stuff Writing Bundle

Do you want to write and publish more? If so, take a look at the Write Stuff 2022 story bundle. Nine books plus one class equals ten opportunities to raise your writing and publishing abilities to the next level.

My brand new book, Free Your Inner Nonfiction Writer is a part of this bundle. In fact, that book is exclusive to this bundle.

While I hope you decide the bundle is worth it with my book, take a look at all the other terrific books in this bundle:

  • Publishing Pitfalls for Authors, by Mark Leslie Lefebvre
  • Writing Craft, by Deanna Knippling
  • Domesticate Your Badgers, by Michael W. Lucas (I was a first reviewer for this book—it's outstanding)
  • Starting Your Own Business, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • Create a Character Clinic, by Holly Lisle
  • Do … Quit Your Day Job, by Christina F. York
  • Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Virtual Worlds, by Joanna Penn
  • A Writer Prepares, by Lawrence Block (I'm in the middle of this—it's terrific)
  • The Pop-Up Series – Clean First Draft Writing, by Dean Wesley Smith (this is the workshop)

Why You Should Buy This Bundle

Writers ask their readers to change.

The craft books ask each of us to reconsider how we write. The business books ask us to reconsider how we manage the business of writing. And while I separated those two, each book delves into some of each. That's because writing creates products. And products involve both craft and publishing.

Many writers, especially those of us with day jobs, wonder how to write and publish more. This bundle will help. You might not like my advice in Free Your Inner Nonfiction Writer.  That's okay. You might prefer what Lucas says in Domesticate Your Badgers. Or what Chris says in the Quit Your Day Job book. Or, what Deanna and Holly say in their books.

Joanna Penn's book is about much more than AI. It's about how you think about change.

And Mark's Publishing Pitfalls? You should read that just for the alliteration. If you think you should “vomit” a terrible first draft, take Dean's Pop-up Series about how to write clean.

Even if I didn't convince you yet, remember that all of us are professional writers. We've been around a while and have experience with what we write. That means you can trust us when we tell you these ideas work for us.

Will all these ideas work for you? Probably not. But some of them will. Maybe even most of them. And that's worth a few bucks.

Buy this bundle and you'll see writing options you had not considered before. Learn to improve your craft and business. Spend $20 and you get all the books. And, if you chip in a few more bucks, you'll support AbleGamers.


Buy the May 2022 Writing Bundle now. Only available until May 5, 2022.

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