Interview With Greg Geracie Posted

I did a little bit of work for the ProdBOK (the Product Management Body of Knowledge) earlier in 2012. It was a little bit of work. I had an opportunity to meet Greg Geracie, along with some other very nice people. When the BOK comes out, at some point later this year, I'll get to see what they used of my suggestions.

In the meantime, Greg interviewed me on his blog. We spoke about scaling agile and my work for the ProdBOK.

Being a product manager, a product owner, a customer—whomever is shepherding the business value of the product—is a difficult job. It's even more difficult in an agile project. It's hair-pulling in an agile program. I hope that my contributions were useful enough that people find guidance.

And, I hope you enjoy the interview. I have to write that blog post about scaling agile and the number of teams. It's on my backlog.


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