Speaking at an AgileConnection Meetup Feb 28

Want to ask me questions about anything agile? Are you available Thursday Feb 28 at 12:30 pm Eastern?

We’re doing our first Online AgileConnection MeetUp. Since it’s the first, and we don’t know what you want, we thought we’d do a lean startup approach to it. We’re doing questions-and-answers.

I’ve noticed lately that when I speak, it doesn’t matter how carefully I prepare. What you folks like and tweet is the Q&A. So fine. Let’s jump right to the Q&A. Maybe it’s because I say the most outrageous things in the answers. Could be. Maybe it’s because I haven’t prepared so carefully. Could be. Maybe it’s because you get the unfiltered Johanna. Could be.

Whatever it is, join us for the meetup and then for the twitter chat immediately afterwards.

Yes, you have to join agileconnection.com. It’s free. The emails are nice, and I send you little pithy introductions to articles as part of the emails. Besides, if you don’t like the emails (sniff), you can always unsubscribe.

I do hope to see you there.

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