Trip Report From AYE 2006


I'm finally back home after 4 weeks on the road. Yes, I was completely nuts to spend 4 weeks away. My office is a disaster, and so is my email. (My domain name is being spoofed, so I'm getting thousands of returned failed email messages a day. Pain in the tush to process.) So, here's my trip report from AYE 2006.

Normally, I lead 5 sessions out of 6 session slots. This year, because Jerry was recuperating and unable to be there, I led 6 sessions. I'm thinking of limiting myself to just 4 sessions in the future. We'll see 🙂

Monday morning, I led a session about Multitasking. The multitasking simulation went well, although I'm planning to get different puzzles to make the work different for each group. I then added too much stuff to the session, to deal with multi-tasking. I'm going to have to focus the next piece better next year. This simulation is different from the one in my PM workshop. I think this one is better.

Monday afternoon, Esther and I led a Behind Closed Doors session. I was pleased with this one. We even got a nice writeup on Esther and I have been refining the simulations and activities for a couple of years now and our practice shows.

Tuesday morning, I facilitated Reinventing Yourself. This session is about recognizing the patterns we have in our (work) lives, and choosing whether to continue those patterns. Last year, I had about 40 people in the session. This year I had about 10. Because of smaller group, I was able to abandon my session design partway through the session and kept moving with the energy in the room. (One of the reasons I keep my workshops small is so I can see where the energy is and move with it.) I'm still hearing nice things about this session, so I'm happy with it.

Tuesday afternoon, Naomi Karten and I led a Presentation session. Naomi's been a professional speaker for many years, and suggested I also join National Speaker's Association. I've been a member for about 10 years, and have found it valuable. Several of the participants started the session concerned and ill-at-ease speaking in front of groups. By the end, they seem to have learned some ideas and tips to help.

Wednesday morning, Naomi and I led a writing workshop. I love facilitating this session. You can see some of the results here. I'm planning to post my rough draft about multi-tasking there, and refine it here, and then further refine it for the PM book.

Wednesday afternoon, I led Transforming Rules into Guides originally one of Jerry's sessions. We all have survival rules. Looking both ways before you cross the street is a very handy survival rule. But some of our rules, especially about our conduct with other people or what we can say to other people can be quite limiting. We may need to choose whether we keep these rules as is or transform them into guides, so we can choose whether to follow them. We were able to transform two rules in the session–quite an accomplishment. (I was the facilitator; the people in the session do all the work.)

I'm finally back, working on the PM book and catching up on my email. Hope you had a delightful 4 weeks 🙂

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