About the 2007 AYE Conference


From time to time, I refer to AYE. It's a conference several other consultants and I created back in 2000. We were tired of feeling forced into short sessions where it was too hard to convey how our topics felt to people. (There's just so much you can do with PowerPoint.)

At AYE, all the sessions are experiential or at the least, interactive. I experiment with new simulations and experiences there. Because we limit the conference attendance to 99 people, even if I screw up a simulation, there aren't so many people in a session that I can't somehow make it right.

I'm leading 5 sessions this year:

  • The Savvy Project Manager:Dealing with Multitasking (changed simulation from last year)
  • Writing Workshop with Naomi Karten
  • Management Behind Closed Doors with Esther
  • Transforming Rules into Guides with Jerry
  • Reinventing Yourself

The early-bird discount deadline is April 30. For $1200 (only through April 30) you can participate in everything the conference has to offer. I hope you join us. For more information, take a look at the wiki and the registration page. Even if you choose to not join us yet, I hope you join our low-volume, private email list.

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