AgileIndyConf Slides Posted: Agile Managers Essence of Leadership

I spoke at AgileIndyConf last week. I had a blast. Met lots of great people from Indianapolis, got to hang with people like Christopher Avery (@christopheraver), Ron Jeffries (@ronjeffries), Chet Hendrickson (@chethendrickson), Angela Harms (@angelaharms), Mike Kelly (@ michael_d_kelly), Joe Astolfi (@joeastolfi), and many more. (If I missed you, please add yourselves in the comments because I'm having what other people call a senior moment. I thought I was too young to have them. I guess not!)

I posted my keynote slides on slideshare. The presentation is Agile Managers: The Essence of Leadership. Agile managers perform the leadership work that managers do in any great organization. They are servant leaders.

Matt Block (@devblock) and all of the AgileIndyConf volunteers did an amazing job organizing the conference. It was the first conference, and it was sold out. Way to go, AgileIndy!

Would you like to continue the learning about leading agile in your organization? Gil Broza and I are leading The Influential Agile Leader workshop again. Join us.

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