Tips for Making the Most of Your Agile 2013 Experience

Are you going to Agile 2013? If you are, maybe these tips will help you.

  1. Consider using the schedule planner app to remind you of the sessions you thought you wanted to attend. However, don't be bound to those sessions. You might meet someone in the hall, or at a meal, have a conversation, and think, “I should continue this conversation with this person at that next session.” Do! You might get more out of that than sticking with your plan. I actually added several sessions in a given time slot so I could see my choices at once.
  2. I sit with people I don't know at breakfast and lunch. If you came to the conference with people from your organization, try that, too. I have met interesting people with fascinating challenges at every Agile conference this way, and built my network. I have people I can ask questions of, and bounce answers off. It's been great.
  3. You don't have to go to a formal session every time slot. Consider Open Jam or Coaches Corner. You might learn more.

I'm presenting at these sessions:

Monday, 8:30 am, Open Jam, a group of us from the Agile Project and Portfolio Management LinkedIn group will discuss Incremental Funding.

Monday, 2:00 pm, I'm delivering a pecha kucha about my Agile Suitcase.

Tuesday, 9:00 am, I'm talking about Agile Teams and Collaboration: What's New About Agile?

Wednesday, 10:45am, Transparent Decisions: Managing the Project Portfolio.

I will not be going offsite for the conference party on Thursday night. It does not play to my vertigo and deaf “strengths.” Anyone who wants to stay at the hotel and have a quiet dinner, let me know. Maybe we can arrange something.

To follow the conference, the hashtag is #agile2013.

Have a great conference. I will.

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