A New Generation at Work?

Because I work for myself, I frequently miss things like Secretary’s Day or Boss’s Day. This year I almost missed Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work day. When the Ms. Foundation started Take Our Daughters to Work day, many colleagues poo-poohed it. “Who needs such a thing?” But a funny thing happened. Girls started thinking they could participate in any number of ways at work.

My daughters don’t see a limit on their careers just because they’re female. They may choose to set limits because they see what Mark and I do, juggling the demands of two full-time parents who travel. But they get to make that choice. No one will make it for them.

I’m still not sure this day is enough, but I’m not sure what else to suggest. People — all people — need to know that they can find a way to contribute to work and gain satisfaction from good work in a way that fits for them.

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