Can You Open Your Windows?

I’m in Israel this week, continuing an assessment I started last week. For those of you in the US, sit down. The people who have offices on an outside wall have windows that open. Yup, they do. The A/C and the heat know to shut off when the window is open. (I think they do, it seemed that way to me.) It’s a great way to regulate the freshness of the air, not just the temperature.

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  1. First thing, welcome, and have a good stay.
    Second, I think it’s a cultural thing, I couldn’t /stand/ to be at a place where I couldn’t breath fresh air when I /need/ it. Most places have the option to open at least a little, and /very/ tall bulidings are usually rare.

  2. I think that you’ll find this arrangement true in a lot of European offices as well. It’s mainly here in the US that things are a little less “natural” đŸ˜‰

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