Servant Leadership Needs Influence

I'm at AgileIndyConf today and tomorrow. Today, I'm leading a tutorial about Agile Project Management. Tomorrow is my keynote about Agile Management. And, that got me thinking about agile management, again.

To be a great agile manager, you need to be a servant leader. Okay, you understand that part. To be a great servant leader, you need to polish your influence skills and your coaching skills. How else can you ask people to consider networks for programs? Or, moving to real cross-functional teams with testers inside the teams? Or managing the project portfolio once every six weeks instead of once a year?

Being a servant leader means you work on being congruent, working with influence across, up and down the organization. That you coaching up, down, sideways and that you provide meta-coaching: coaching for coaching.

Oh, boy, those are difficult skills. That's why Gil Broza and I are leading The Influential Agile Leader workshop again. If you want to learn from us, and your peers, in an experiential and interactive setting, this event is for you.

We've limited the enrollment so that we provide you with the best possible learning experience. Sign up now. You won't regret it.

If you have questions, contact me.

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