I’m on the People Stack Podcast Talking About Problems

Jen Bunk interviewed me for the People Stack Podcast #32.  We had a wide range of topics:

  • How I started as a consultant
  • The advancement (or lack thereof) of women in tech.
  • Understanding what the problems are. (Yes, the problems are always a people problem. I managed to bring in the idea of the project portfolio, etc.)
  • Seeing (or not seeing) the entire system of work
  • Agile approaches and Create Your Successful Agile Project
  • The difference between a cadence of delivery and iterations
  • The importance of technical practices when a team uses an agile approach
  • The future of agile (I'm not good at the crystal ball stuff)
  • and more

I had a blast. (You'll be able to tell. I ranted and raved…)

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