Fixing One Problem Promotes the Next

I have fixed the how-do-I-get-up-in-the-morning-when-Mark-is-traveling problem. I bought a new Sangean RCR-5 Digital AM/FM Clock Radio with a Sangean Pillow Speaker – #PS-100 – D/S (I love them both) and now, I hear the alarm, no matter what side I sleep on! I don’t have the problem of blasting my good ear with noise that my deaf ear can’t hear anyway 🙂 I had to buy a new clock radio because my old one did not have a headphone jack, so I couldn’t just get the pillow speaker.

Now that I’ve fixed that problem, number 2 is now number 1. That’s the alarm-when-I-travel problem. If anyone knows of a vibrating watch that works (I bought one that doesn’t), where the alarm keeps going until you shut it off (I bought one where it vibrates once and shuts off), let me know. I could buy another pillow speaker for travel, and assume every clock radio wherever I go in the world will have a headphone jack. I prefer not to make that assumption.

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  1. My mobile phone alarm (LG Voyager) does a good job of waking me up when it’s on vibrate. I put it under my pillow and it wakes me up easily. But that may not work for everyone…if you move around alot in the night, it could just get knocked off the bed or down between the mattress and the headboard and not do anyone any good.

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