Scheduling the Project is a Team Activity


Glen Alleman in What's Wrong With This Picture says this:

dentifying, sequencing, and assigning durations to tasks is NOT the role of the Project Scheduler, it is the role of the project team, along with the Project Scheduler. The Work Package Manager, the Customer, the entire team that is accountable for delivering the business capabilities and their associated value to the customer – did I mention the Customer is accountable for the credibility of these activities as well.

I agree. That means that the team has to define and organize the schedule. And that the Customer has to understand it and be accountable for it. That's why schedule games are so difficult for the team to deal with.

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4 thoughts on “Scheduling the Project is a Team Activity”

  1. I agree that the customer has to understand and accept the schedule, but don’t know how the customer can be accountable for it. The customer must agree to perform necessary assigned tasks to complete the schedule, but ultimately the project manager and project team must drive the project to the schedule.

  2. As to Evan Kramer’s comment, I believe that projects should be structured to allow the developers to manage themselves. All project personnel, in my opinion, should be responsible to the project manager, although this is not the case in many organizations. Developers should be able to go wherever they feel they need to for technical guidance, but this is not the same as management.

  3. The customer is accountable for the schedule in two ways. First, they determine what the feature set contains. Second, they determine what done means. Changing either of these changes the schedule.

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