Managing One-on-One


Since Esther and I started advertising our One-on-One workshop, I've been hearing wonderful stories about how managers and team members have benefited from one-on-one meetings. Here are some:

  • A tester said he'd been ready to give notice when his manager started doing regular one-on-ones. WIth the advent of one-on-ones, his relationship with his manager changed. And, he started testing in a variety of ways–using techniques that helped him get a job on a project he enjoyed for a couple of years.
  • A manager was “phoning it in” as he explained, not investing in himself or in his staff. He started doing one-on-ones and was re-energized.
  • A developer who was doing well and had no complaints used one-on-ones to determine a career path with her manager so that she could do something new and the manager had a way to backfill her position.
  • One manager who's started using Scrum to manage his projects put starting one-on-ones in his timeline of important events at work. He's found that he better understands what people are doing. They trust him more–and he trusts them more. He's finding it a great complement to the iterative/incremental lifecycle.

One-on-ones work. If you want to practice doing them better, please join us in July. Here's the One-on-One workshop link. If you want, call or email me.

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