JR Mistake #32349897

I'm a big fan of managers admitting their mistakes. (It's one of the lessons I learned early as a manager.) I take that seriously, seriously enough that when someone found a glaring error in my last SD column, Future Fixes, I asked the editor let me publish a correction and I sent in replacement text for the article.

If you read the article and get to the part labeled “Critical Chain,” stop right there. Jump over that part and wait for the updated version to be posted online. (As of the time I published this post, the article was not updated.) The updated page will have a part called “Manage Your Buffers.” What I described originally has nothing to do with critical chain. If you're looking for great information on critical chain, go to Frank Patrick's site, a mother-lode of information.

I feel stupid and dismayed. On the other hand, I'm very glad I have a chance to fix the article and apologize to the readers. I would feel even more dismayed if I hadn't discovered the error and had a chance to fix it.

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