Initial Experiences with Pair-Writing


Esther and I are working together this week, starting over again with the management book. This time, we're pair-writing, and it worked surprisingly well today. We collaborate — and we have conflict, where the person at the keyboard says, “Oh no, I'm not writing that down.” However, we worked until about 5:30 today, when we were were exhausted, but have close to two chapters in first draft form. And, this first draft is far superior to the previous first drafts.

Writing English (or any other natural language) is different than writing code. In English, it's not just the design of the writing that we discuss, it's also the structure and the actual words. Computer languages are much more structured and very specific on how the language can be used. So we have more options for every decision. It's a challenge, but it's working. With any luck we'll have more to share later this week.

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