Pair Editing Works Too


Esther and I have been editing the management book this week. We’re pairing to edit also – one keyboard, one file, two heads. It’s exhausting and fun. Here are things I’ve learned this week:

  • We don’t have the same default ways to write — and that’s ok. The manuscript is richer for us talking through how the words should be.
  • When we’re laughing out loud, we’re synching. Not quite in flow, but close.
  • When one snaps at the other, it’s time for a break.
  • The product is much better than it would be if we did the standard one-person-write/other-person-edit pass back and forth. We tried that. The writing is crisper. The word choice is better. The manuscript flows.

If you haven’t tried pairing yet, to create some form of intellectual property, consider it. I’ve paired for programming and for writing now. It’s fun. Exhausting and trying sometimes, but absolutely worth it.

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