Writing Status Report

I'm in what I hope is final editing for Successful Project Management. (I”m still doing gross editing, final copyediting is one more stage. But I'm not supposed to change ideas in that stage 🙂

If you want to know how to write a book, read PragDave's series of So You Want to Write a Book. I'm rewriting several chapters that I didn't get right early in the writing. I had not yet found my voice. I think I now have. Here's a link to what Dave says about Finding Your Voice.

Roy says Writing A book Is Like Developing Software. I completely agree.

So my challenges now are to keep to topic and not add more. (It's already long enough.) I actually have release criteria for the book. (Bet you're not surprised 🙂

Once I receive more feedback from my editor, to see if the changes I've made are good, I'll be able to get into the small markup editing. I won't be making April 2 as a release date. Sorry.


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