New Ventures: New Book on Project Portfolio Management

I was under the weather last week, and am finally well enough to think. I still have the raspy voice from coughing all week, but you can’t hear me. Since I worked out this morning, my brain is actually firing on all cylinders.

I signed a contract with Pragmatic Bookshelf for my next book about project portfolio management. This time, they wanted a schedule. I know I write in fits and spurts, so I was stumped. But I decided to take my own advice. I have a plan to timebox the writing in chunks, and I gave myself quarterly goals of a certain number of pages. Writing that number of pages isn’t a problem–writing that number of good pages might be a problem. I’ll be trying things out on you, I’m sure.

If you’re not sure the world needs a book on project portfolio management, take a look at Raven’s Project Management Cartoon from Project: Humor – Water Me. Sad, but too true.

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  1. Hi Johanna – Congrats on the new effort! I look forward to reading your thoughts on PPM and am sure you’ll come up with a ton of excellent and insightful content.

    Thanks for referencing my little cartoon. It’s interesting how many emails I’ve received on it with similar “sad but true” comments. I definitely look forward to reading your thoughts on priorities in your forthcoming book!

  2. I am eagerly awaiting this book as I know it will be as excellent as your prior efforts. Incidentally, I am giving away several copies of “Manage It!” in my training classes.

  3. I look forward to this new book. I have found your previous book “Manage It!” to be highly useful in my current project.

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