Collaborating with Other Writers

Merlin, via 43 Folders Clips has a video of Eric Idle, on John Cleese’s Approach to Writing. Aside from John Cleese’s specificity, Idle talks about how he had trouble finding collaborators until he started working with John Dupre (I don’t know how his name is spelled).

Collaborating with other writers for natural language writing is difficult. I find pairing for code much easier, and even for code, I have trouble. No one can read my mind, I want to name variables something else. I want a different setup. There’s always something.

If you find some good collaborators, treasure your relationship with them.

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  1. Kevin Marshall

    Fun clip! Both Cleese and Chapman sound like archetypal techies. I suspect they would turn out epic code but nobody would want to pair with them. 😉

    FWIW, took a peek at wikipedia and I see that the name is John Du Prez.


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