Looking for Agile Journal Authors

We are looking for authors for the Agile Journal. Here is the 2012 editorial calendar as a guideline for you:

January: Requirements; Agile Game Development

February: Low Tech Test Tools

March: Mobile, Redefining Quality

April: Acceptance Test Driven Development

May: What is Quality?

June: Agile Management

July: Cloud Development

August: Business Value

September: Agile Testing

October: Kanban

November: Salary Survey; Embedded Systems

When I say editorial calendar as a guideline, I mean just that. If you have an article that is jumping out of you, and it doesn't fit the guideline for a given month, please send the article to me.  Do not worry!

Here's how I work with authors: I read your article. I try not to make any copyedits. I do make some edits if I think they affect your meaning. I ask you questions in comments to  make sure I understand your meaning. My job is to make sure you make sense and that you look smart and consistent to your readers. I want everyone to think, “Wow, this author has something really interesting to say.”

Sometimes, authors have peanut butter thinking. That is, they get their thoughts all stuck together. (I do this, which is why I recognize it.) I can help you unstick your thoughts. Sometimes, authors have their best sentence at the end. (I do this.) I can suggest it go at the beginning. Sometimes, authors need an example. (I do this.) I suggest you need an example. You don't have to take my suggestions. I try to have a light touch.

My goal, which I think is your goal, is to help you get published.

PR people:  Once you send in the article, your work is done. I work with the author, not with you. And no, I don't talk with you on the phone. I edit, which is writing, not talking. I know, that's so different from what you do. Thank you for understanding.

So, what do you say? Want to write an article for the Agile Journal? I'll get some of my previous authors to say how nice it was working with me, even when I pushed them hard to make their articles different from what they originally thought. The results were great.

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  1. Hi Johanna, for me an important question about writing articles, which tends to be a lot of work, is knowing how much (or whether) the journal pays authors. Would you add a word about that?

    1. The Agile Journal does not pay authors. Boo hoo. I wish we could. On the other hand, it is great for personal marketing. Laurent, if you want, we can have a more personal conversation contrasting where you might place articles and the pros and cons of the marketing vs. the payment. I certainly do understand your concern. You do get to keep copyright, that is not a problem.

  2. It’s been great working with Johanna as my editor at Agile Journal. She provides the right balance of questioning my content for readability and cohesiveness versus letting me tell the story I need to tell.

    If you worked with Agile Journal in previous years, please understand that they’ve made a big shift in the past few months. With Johanna as technical editor and Jonathan Vanian as online editor, you’ll always know the status of your article submission and the end product will come out looking great.

    The only thing I regret about the Agile Journal as it is today is that we don’t have enough variety in authorship. You can help! Write an article and give us your unique voice!

  3. To anybody considering writing – you should do so. Johanna will help you through the process and you do have something good to say. I will also say that she’s a very diligent author. She will take what you’ve written and make it better.

  4. Hi johanna, can you please tell some words about what you mean with low tech test tools..?
    I would try to contribute with s.th.


    1. Anis, a low tech test tool might be a spreadsheet. Or, it might be (in my opinion), a 5-line script that you write to the API. Whatever it is, it’s not a tool that costs a lot of money per seat. Does that help? — Johanna

    1. Craig, about 1200-1500 words. We can take shorter articles. We can take longer articles and depending on how long they are, divide them into multiple parts.

  5. I’ve done one article with Johanna for the Agile Journal. It was a painless process and I’m looking forward to doing my next one. I’ve already started it… just need to finish the last step – writing it. 🙂

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