Leanpub Podcast Up

A few weeks ago, Peter Armstrong interviewed me for Leanpub, to ask me why I enjoyed writing on Leanpub. That podcast is up now on the Leanpub Frontmatter Podcast page.

What's very funny is that the interview is a few weeks old. I had no idea he was going to post it right after I wrote Dear Author. About 11 minutes in, I talk about the boring trap, the passive voice trap in my own writing. I think this is pretty funny.

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  1. Argh. They don’t seem to actually have a podcast. They have posted the audio files with no feed to easily slurp into various podcatching applications. Looks like I’ll have to download the file manually and then move it around into my device. (Hint to all: If you can’t subscribe to it, it isn’t a podcast. And if you hide the subscription ability – it STILL isn’t a podcast.)

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