Agile Program Management Coaching

Are you trying to use agile on a large effort across the organization? You have more than two or three teams, and you aren’t quite sure how to plan, how to use the best of agile or lean. You might be a program manager, a project manager, a product owner, a manager, or anyone who wants to learn how to make agile and lean work across the organization. You’re here because you know you don’t want a rigid hierarchy. You know you want to see running, tested features coming out of your teams. And, you’re not quite sure how to make that happen using self-organized feature teams.

Let me help you and your teams. I have many years of experience working on programs, collocated geographically distributed, that have released great products.

You have pre-work for the first module. Each module has homework for you.

Module 1: What kind of a program do you have? Product-based thinking. Nuts and bolts of programs.

Module 2: Planning as program teams: How many program teams do you need? Which ones? Where?

Module 3: Creating a successful technical environment, where features flow through teams. Your unique obstacles and what you can do about them.

Module 4: What you need in a program charter. When to charter. What to do if your program has started and you don’t have a charter.

Module 5: Teams: Where they are, how to help with autonomy, collaboration, and exploration. Small-world networks.

Module 6: Roadmapping and release planning

Module 7: What you can and cannot measure about your program

Module 8: Trouble-shooting your program

You’ll track your progress and monitor the health of your program.

By the end of our two months, you’ll know how to:

  • Think about your program in an agile and lean way
  • Think about how the small rolls up to the large and vice versa
  • Create your own visualization for your program and your teams
  • Use the program charter to bring the program together
  • Help the teams see that the engineering practices are not negotiable in a software program
  • Help see how to use small-world networks instead of hierarchy and rigid planning
  • Develop flexible release planning
  • Use agile roadmapping that works for your instance of agile
  • Develop your measurements for your agile program that will satisfy your management
  • Know when your program is not delivering and what to do about it
  • and much much more

You’ll receive a workbook for our work and a discount coupon for Agile and Lean Program Management: Collaborating Across the Organization from Practical Ink.

Agile Program Management Team Coaching

As a team, you will work as a peer group, and participate as a team. You have the option to add individual one-on-one coaching from me, in addition to the team coaching. Why would you do this? You might need specific advice for your situation. Your situation, challenges, opportunities, may be different than the rest of the program.

Each person can register Agile Program Management for $2600. No more than six people please. When you register, we’ll agree on the mutually agreeable dates and times of the coaching. You’ll tell me who will be there.

Add more people

Individual Coaching for Agile Program Management

Maybe you’re not part of a leadership team and you have agile program management problems. No worries! As an individual, you can buy agile program management  coaching from me, for only $2800. That’s one-on-one coaching for an hour for eight weeks. We’ll address your specific issues, one-on-one.

Want to add individual coaching for other issues?

Sometimes, you realize it’s not just the agile program management that’s the problem. You have symptoms of larger problems.

Maybe you have functional teams across the globe instead of cross-functional teams. Or worse, onesies and twosies of people. Or, maybe your managers have imposed Management By Objectives which is affecting how the teams work. Maybe your managers are saying they want agile but their actions are still command-and-control. What do you do?

Your organization has some systemic issues, which are affecting the program. These issues will become clear in our coaching. How they affect you, in your part of the organization might not become clear until you start to work on your issues.

Since you’ve bought this coaching, I’m happy to address your other problems with you, one-on-one for a discounted price. Use the button below.

Hours of add-on individual coaching

Have questions? Email me.

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