Modern Management Made Easy, a Three-Volume Set

Do you want to escape the drudgery of current management practices?

You can.

With these three books, you can learn to manage yourself. You can reframe your practice of management to lead and serve others. And you can practice creating an organization where innovation thrives.

Learn how the seven modern management principles apply to you, your team, and your organization. Use these ideas to create experiments so you can practice your modern management in your context.

Become a modern manager and excel every day. Buy this collection of the three Modern Management Made Easy books now.

Why You Should Buy All Three Books

Some of my early readers have said they like to read each book, one at a time. Other readers have said they like to check out the table of contents so they can dip in and out of each book.

So far, all readers have said they focus on what's applicable to them now. You might feel the same way, especially if you feel under pressure.

Use these books, to first see your alternatives. Then, decide where you want to study and experiment. You’ll free yourself from outdated and unhelpful management practices. Instead, you’ll practice how you can create a better environment for success at all levels.

Create your management excellence, one small action at a time.

The Principles Common to All the Books

These books share these common principles:

  1. Clarify your purpose.
  2. Build empathy with the people who do the work.
  3. Build a safe environment.
  4. Seek outcomes and optimize for an overarching goal.
  5. Encourage experiments and learning.
  6. Catch people succeeding.
  7. Exercise your value-based integrity.

Each book explains how to consider these principles in its specific context.

Where to Buy the Books

You can buy each book alone or as part of a bundle.

Each of the books in the three-volume set:

Want to buy the bundle? Go here:

See the separate book pages if you want to buy a single book at a time.

By now, all three audiobooks are available everywhere except on Audible. I'm trying to publish the bundle of audio on Audible. We will see if I'm successful. Stay tuned.

If you did buy the audio bundle, here's the Supplemental Materials for Modern Management Made Easy Collection for all three Modern Management Made Easy audiobooks. (click on the link.)

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