Manage It! Pragmatic Project Management Workshop

Workshop Objective: After this workshop, you will be able to develop appropriate project plans for a software project and execute those plans, reviewing risks, and making appropriate tradeoffs. This workshop is based on my project management book: Manage It! Your Guide to Modern, Pragmatic Project Management.

Workshop Overview: This workshop presents project leadership planning and implementation for sofware-oriented projects: IT, product, and research-oriented projects, focusing on how you make decisions for the kind of project you're managing. We’ll also discuss software/hardware combination projects, if that’s relevant to you.

We discuss appropriate scheduling techniques, and review software lifecycles so that you can make the best choice of scheduling techniques. We discuss milestone selection, the difference between goals and requirements, and how to technically lead your project. We will discuss the tradeoffs you will need to make regarding cost, schedule, and quality, and how to present those risks and tradeoffs to your management. We will discuss typical problems at each part of the lifecycle, how to anticipate, avoid, and work around them. We will talk about how to accommodate the need for early shipments and still maintain product schedule and quality. Through the workshop, we will discuss pragmatic techniques and tips to organizing and managing the work for a successful result. You will get to practice on a real project in the workshop.

Target Audience: Program Managers, Project Leaders, SQA Managers, Development Managers, Senior Architects, Technical Leads.

Prerequisites: Attendees should have experienced at least one project of at least 9 person-months of duration in a leadership role, either technical or managerial.

Workshop Duration: 3 days (I customize content for shorter workshops)

Workshop Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Define project management
    2. What makes a great project manager
    3. Activity
  2. Scope the Project
    1. Discuss the project charter: scoping the project, defining success criteria, project requirements and goals, success criteria
    2. Activity: Write a project charter
  3. Schedule and Estimate the Project
    1. Lifecycle discussion: which lifecycle makes sense, which milestones make sense
    2. Five different approaches to estimation
    3. Release criteria
    4. Activity: Write a project plan
    5. Activity: Estimate the project
    6. Activity: Schedule the project
  4. Managing the project
    1. Creating a project team
    2. Managing project meetings and status
    3. Monitor and track progress. What to measure
    4. Activity
  5. Communicating outside the project
    1. What do other people need to know?
    2. When you have to release early
    3. Use program management techniques
    4. Activity
  6. Completing the project
    1. Project retrospective
    2. Final measurements
    3. Activity.
  7. Practice a project (activity) and wrap up
  8. Summary and feedback

Contact me for the extended description or to book this workshop.

Participants have raved about this workshop. Their experiences range from organizing a project for success to not having to do hot fixes after a project is over to releasing earlier than they imagined they could.

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