Ask This, Not That: Develop Your Interviewing Skills

Workshop Objective: How do you separate the talkers from the doers? How do you know this person will fit with your team? This workshop teaches you what you need to know to conduct an effective interview. You won't have to ask questions that people can recite canned answers to, such as, “Tell me your weaknesses.” You and I both know that the best candidates have an answer to that question that won't help you evaluate the candidate.

Instead, we'll address your culture, and help you prepare for an interview by developing effective questions for a phone screen or an in-person interview. You'll be ready to participate on an interview team to evaluate and hire candidates. This workshop prepares people who may have only been on one side of the interview as a candidate to effectively participate on an interviewing team and effectively evaluate candidates.

Workshop Overview: This workshop walks you through a systematic and fun approach to developing, asking, listening to, and evaluating the answers to interview questions. We’ll discuss and practice developing and using phone screen questions to find candidates you want to interview; how to plan the in-person interview; how to ask questions in an in-person interview, and how to provide feedback to the hiring manager. Learn how to spend your interviewing time so that the interview works as a selling tool.

This workshop is based on Johanna’s book, Hiring Geeks That Fit. Each participant will receive a copy of the book as part of the workshop.

Target Audience: Anyone involved in hiring: Technical staff, including team leads, developers, testers, engineers, writers, and support staff.

Prerequisites: None.

Workshop Duration: 1 day

Workshop Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Develop interview skills
    1. Discuss types of questions
    2. Legal questions
    3. Develop questions
    4. Phone screen activity
    5. In-person interview activity
  3. Apply interviewing skills to the candidate
    1. How to read a resume
    2. Example and practice for how to apply question development skills to a particular resume
  4. Develop auditions
    1. What an audition is
    2. How to develop auditions
    3. Activity: practice developing auditions
  5. Plan and perform the interview
    1. Plan the interview
    2. Practice interview questions with coaching
  6. After the interview
    1. How to provide feedback to the hiring manager
    2. Techniques to clarify your feedback
  7. Wrap-up and feedback

Contact me for the extended description.

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